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How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

Blogging has been a popular method of expression since the internet found its way into our homes. Even in 2021, there is viewership and money to be earned in creating and maintaining a blog.

Whether you’re planning to write to earn a profit or you’re creating content for personal fulfillment, there is a lot of success to be had in starting a blog.

However, before embarking on a blogging journey, it’s a good idea to be aware of the steps involved. This way, creating a successful, marketable blog can be accomplished without running into some of the same mistakes that new bloggers often experience.

To start a blog on the right track, follow these steps and conduct your own research as you progress.


Decide On A Genre

Before you start establishing your blog, you need to decide what genre you want to be a part of. Explore which topics interest you and what subjects you’re either knowledgeable about or passionate about learning. While you’re likely going to cover a broad variety of topics along your blog’s lifespan, these topics should all fall into a specific category.


Pick A Domain

Once you know what genre you want to cover, you’ll need to come up with a unique domain name for your blog. Choose something that represents your genre, but is catchy enough for people to remember.

It’s best to keep domain names relatively short and simple so that they’re easy to spell and easy to find.

Choosing your own domain for your blog is an optional step, as there are free blogging options available through many popular hosting sites. 

However, if you want ownership of your blog, and you want to fully monetize it, having your own domain is the smartest way to go.


Explore Hosting

If you’d prefer a free blog and you don’t mind not having your own domain name, several popular blogging sites offer free blogs. For example, WordPress and Blogger both have free blogging options available, but there are downsides to consider before deciding if a free blog is right for you. 

This option is great for people who want to blog as a hobby, but free options are difficult to monetize, and the platform may have ownership over free blogs.


Promote On Social Media

Once you have set up your blog and started writing, you’ll want to share your posts through social media. This way, people who follow your accounts will have access to your blog pieces. Sharing links through Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest is a great way to spread awareness and get people interested in your written work.

Many blogs offer helpful tools that will allow you to automatically share new blog posts through social media every time you publish a piece of writing. Once this tool is set up, sharing your work is easy.


Make the Most of SEO 

Search engine optimization is one of the most challenging parts of marketing your blog. It’s important to make your blog as easy to find as possible for individuals who are looking for the information you cover. 

SEO is crucial when it comes to search engine visibility, and though it may be difficult, it’s worth using correctly. 

To make the most of SEO, ensure that your blog adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Research and utilize keywords that fit the topics you’re covering in a post (but make sure that you’re not stuffing your keywords)
  • Ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly
  • Make sure that you have a keyword-using meta description and title tag
  • Make use of internal links (linking to other content on your site) in your blog posts
  • Diversify your topic tags and make sure the ones you use aren’t too similar
  • Use Google’s free search analytics tools


Gather Guest Blog Posts

Networking with other bloggers in your chosen industry is a great way to spread the word about your work. Not to mention, collaboration is beneficial when it comes to supporting the efforts of other growing bloggers. 

To gather guest posts, network with the writers of blogs you find inspiring, and invite the writer to guest write a piece of work on your blog. 

Doing so not only helps invite some of that blogger’s followers to your blog, but it also opens up opportunities for you to guest write on the other blogger’s site. Both points are likely to help you grow your audience and at the same time, help spread awareness for a blogger you respect.

Blogging can be a highly rewarding experience when started and maintained correctly. Whether you’re a hobby blogger or a professional individual marketing their business through blogging, becoming knowledgeable is a great way to set yourself up for success. 

Plan your approach carefully and continue to research ways to become a successful blogger as you go.

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