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f you’re ready to take the leap and learn how to start a blog that can grow into a source of real online income, there are only a few steps to get started. Follow along with this step-by-step guide to starting a blog and you will surely be on the right path. 



What do you plan on writing about? Picking a niche is a great way to become an authority in a specific area, and meet Google's E-A-T criteria. While you want to make sure it is a profitable topic you can monetize, more importantly you want to really enjoy and embody it.

Pick a Niche


Your blog’s name is what readers will see first (like, so it should ideally represent either the general topics you’ll be writing about—or it could be your own name, that of your business, a clever combination of words, or otherwise.

Domain Name



The third step in starting a blog, is actually getting your blog online. That’s what a web hosting company will do for you. In this step, you’ll be selecting the blogging platform and web hosting plan you’ll use to get your blog online. We use Showit with the add on  Wordpress option which seamlessly integrates to offer a drag and drop web builder on the front with Showit, and a SEO fueled blogging engine on the back with Wordpress.



Shortly after launching your blog, it’s worth taking time to plan out your content pipeline for the coming weeks.  You don't have to hire a full out brand designer just yet, but it will be helpful to go in the right direction and keep you from having too pivot too far down the road later. 

Build Your Brand


You don’t read a blog because it looks nice or because they publish frequently. (Although those both help). You read a blog because you care about what it says. Creating high quality content is what will bring you readers and help you to eventually make money blogging.

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